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      One of the endless charms art has to offer is its ability to be beautiful and disturbing simultaneously. My work exists somewhere in between this contrast. This sensation of push and pull is what fascinates me the most.

      I would describe my creative process as a walk into a hallucinating world that is ruled by its own logic, dimension, and time. It is quiet yet loud at the same time. I create objects that seem warm and tender but can also be menacing. I simply cannot avoid turning them into something abnormal and monstrous because strangely, they are still beautiful to me.

     Old petrified clothes come back to life as new objects of gothic beauty. The dresses I frequently use cover up “body parts”, so they function as a form of sublimation. They dress creatures that have several deformities, mutations, and hybrid bodies. Although these creatures might be withering on the inside, they are always luxurious on the outside. The visual result is a merging of materials that play between the lines of human-animal and subject-object, creating a collection of “artificial organisms”.

     The accumulation of scenarios and characters is a narrative that has inevitably been contaminated with personal stories. Illustrating my most intimate moments brings back memories that were buried deep into my conscience. Growing up I was very fragile. I suffered from multiple arm fractures and injuries throughout my entire childhood. Therefore I was not able to do typical childhood things like go to school. My grandmother used to take care of me and ended up teaching me everything she knew. I learned how to sew, knit, and embroider, so I spent all my time making blankets, tablecloths, and clothes for dolls. My passion for these activities led me to create art that combines those elements with my current perception of beauty.

    With all that in mind, my work should not be interpreted as a personal anecdote. I am heavily influenced by my observations of life and nature. We are living in times of serious environmental degradation because of pollution, transgenic crops, genetic modifications and so on. This is the reality of a world that becomes more threatening every day. I am interested in emphasizing the desires of a broader conscience in regards with our own vulnerability. In art, just like any other part of life, there is a certain amount of joy and pain behind every story. Nothing is completely beautiful or completely bad.




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